Hip Success Stories

“I had a hip surgery on February 13th, 2018. After the surgery, I was in great pain and I had difficulty walking, doing daily normal physical activities. After I started physical therapy in early April of 2018, it dramatically improved my abilities to do daily household chores and walking. This was only possible because of the dedicated professional therapists like Alex, Amber, and Sue. The front desk is friendly and helpful. One can’t expect anything more. The clinicians are really wonderful. I would recommend anyone for getting care at ProPT.”

-Dipti R

“I thought that once you developed pain while in your 70s, you were pretty much stuck with it. Not so. Alex and the team at ProPT worked with my bursitis of hip pain with real determination. They listed and adjusted my treatment, and I’m now ready for golf and biking (as soon as all the snow melts)! It’s a friendly, hard-working, focused environment. Thank you ProPT!”

-Robert S


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