Knee Success Stories

“The reason I came to physical therapy was that I could no longer bend my right knee enough to be able to get on the floor to play with my grandson who is 2 years old! After a very thorough exam by Dr. Patt, a very comprehensive regime of stretches and strengthening was decided and I am pleased to say it worked beautifully. All the staff is very helpful, encouraging and professional each and every time I come in.”

-Louise T

“When I started, stairs were like Halloween – really spooky! So, when I got to ProPT I didn’t expect to get better. But as I continued coming here over and over again, I started to realize something. The people here are not monotone and they didn’t follow strict guidelines on what to say or what to do. They cared for each and every person that walked through these magical and life changing doors. The people who work here are friendly and always remember my name. They always say ‘work hard!’ to give me positive encouragement. Here is one last and sincere -THANK YOU!”

-Kyle B

“Before starting physical therapy, I had a severely swollen painful knee. Climbing stairs, working in the yard, and playing golf were all compromised. Through physical therapy I was able to stretch and strengthen all my leg muscles, the swelling gradually disappeared and the pain subsided. I am now back to all normal activities without pain and the increased leg strength has improved my golf game! Thank you ProPT staff!”

-Charlie S

“I came to physical therapy because of knee pain that extended up and down my leg. I was struggling getting in and out of my car as well as going up and down stairs. My doctor said to try physical therapy. This has been the best experience! I can now do all the things I mentioned without pain. 😊 The staff here is wonderful. Their hands-on technique works wonders. I always felt like they listened to me and adjusted treatment and exercises to best help my pain. I feel like part of family when here. Always chatting and laughing!”

-Catherine K

“Never in my mind did I think I would be where I am today, thanks to the support and knowledge of Dr. Patt, Sue and Amber! When I first came in I could barely walk. Now I am confident walking without a care (1st time in 3 years)! The knowledge, compassion and constant encouragement was so appreciated. I so appreciated all the hard work and professionalism of the staff. Such a welcoming place!”

-Barbara R


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