Shoulder Success Stories

“I’m not sure how I injured my shoulder but I had been in pain for about two years. I saw an AD on facebook for a free shoulder pain info session at Professional Physical Therapy. It was very informative and I decided to try therapy. From the beginning it helped. I was in less pain and learned what not to do along with exercises to improve my shoulder. In the end I feel 95% better and now know what to do to remain pain free.”

-John G

“I had been having pain in my left shoulder for a few months and it was getting worse. I was at the point that I thought the only way to resolve it was surgery. I read an advertisement offering a free workshop for people with shoulder pain. The ad said that physical therapy could be an alternative solution to surgery. I decided to give it a try and a couple of months later I am almost completely pain free.”

-Thomas V

“For 10 years I lived in daily pain and could never sleep through the night resulting hard quality of life. Sue, Amber and Tim have me a realistic goal of being pain free through therapeutic exercises and providing support through encouragement. I feel 95% better and am living practically pain free now and sleeping great! The front desk staff was amazing and they always went the extra mile to accommodate schedules. The clinicians were professional and attentive to all needs at all times. Thank you all!”

-John H

“I came to the shoulder workshop at the insistence of my husband. For 4 years I had lost the strength and motion on both shoulders. Unable to raise my left arm about my shoulder height, I had resolved myself this is how it would always be. After my evaluation I began coming to PT twice a week. It was pleasant and I often thought it would be better not using my arms than continuing. With the support of Dr. Patt, Sue, Amber as well as Sarah and Gaby; I stuck it out. I also had 10 laser treatments which were amazing to minimize if not ease the pain. I have never been more grateful to a team of dedicated professionals for bringing me full circle and back in to a physical state of wonderment!”

-Janella S


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