Alex Zeuli

About Alex Zeuli

Alex Zeuli resides in Foxboro where he has lived since graduating from Boston University’s Master’s Program. He has spent his career specializing in orthopedic physical therapy and sports medicine, working as a clinician, educator and administrator in private practice.

Alex’s interest in the workings of the human body started at a very young age, as he gravitated toward pictures and models of skeletons, muscles and the various structures and systems of the body. It’s a fascination he’s never outgrown! He considers himself fortunate to be in the field of physical therapy, where almost daily, he can be awed by the way in which all systems work in harmony with each other.

Alex is a sports enthusiast, participating in sports on the diamonds, fields, lakes and ponds of Sharon (where he was raised) and its surrounding communities. These days a spectator more than a participant, Alex follows the Boston teams avidly and has been known to interject a thought or two regarding their season’s performance! He continues to hold regular exercise in the highest regards, trying to “practice what he preaches” with respect to movement and activity at any age.

Alex approaches each patient with an appreciation of the mind, body and spirit connection of health, wellness and rehabilitation. “Patients can arrive in front of me with similar injuries,” Alex says, “but they’ve all taken different paths and must be cared for individually.” In keeping with this, his first priority in the clinic is to establish a healing environment to help patients overcome challenge and effect positive change.

Active in his church as both a musician and community service participant, Alex shares his home with his wife, daughter and a variety of animals. He enjoys the outdoor and says that walking the dog in the state forest or bicycling around nearby towns gives him a chance to clear his head and stay centered. Just as he coaches his patients, he needs to “keep moving”!


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