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Dry Needling Therapy
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At your first appointment, your Physical Therapist will perform a thorough evaluation and develop a personalized rehabilitation treatment program with you that may include Dry Needling Therapy.


What is Functional Dry Needling?

Functional Dry Needling is a form of therapy treatment in which thin filiform needles are inserted into a muscle or muscles in order to release shortened bands of muscles and decrease trigger point activity in order to stimulate a healing response in painful musculoskeletal conditions. Many times, patients do not feel the needles, however when targeting the painful structure, the objective is to experience some level of discomfort as most research demonstrates far better outcomes when this response is achieved. 

Dry Needling Therapy

Often times the needles are manipulated by the therapist once inserted in order to achieve this response throughout the treatment. Dry needling is not acupuncture or Oriental Medicine; that is, it does not have the purpose of altering the flow of energy (“Qi”) along traditional Chinese meridians for the treatment of diseases. In fact, dry needling is a modern, western science-based intervention for the treatment of pain and dysfunction in musculoskeletal conditions such as neck pain, shoulder impingement, tennis elbow, carpal tunnel syndrome, headaches, low back pain, hip and buttock pain, neuropathy pain, IT-Band syndrome, knee pain, shin splints, and plantar fasciitis. With certain conditions and treatments, it may be recommended to use electrotherapy in conjunction with dry needling in which the needles (after being inserted into the target structure) are then connected to the electrotherapy unit and a current is run through the structure in order to elicit a localized twitch response. This has been demonstrated in the research to be even more effective than dry needling alone with regards to pain reduction and improved patient outcomes.

Benefits of Dry Needling Therapy


Relieve Pain and Muscle Tightness

What makes dry needling an effective way to reduce pain in specific areas of the body is that it targets trigger points. The needles will release tension, inflammation, chemicals, and pressure in the muscles that has caused the pain. The results will lead to an improved range of motion and immediate pain relief.


Improved Range of Motion

Similar to how dry needling relieves tension and pressure in trigger points, this process helps improve overall movement of an injury. If you’re an athlete who is constantly on the move, having fluid movement and having a full range of motion is key to your success. Dry needling can help reduce pain and improve overall function so you won’t feel constant discomfort in your injured area.


Speeds Up Recovery

Anytime you suffer an injury, the worst and longest part is the recovery process. Yes, some injuries require longer recovery periods than other but regardless, we’re all anxious to get back to full strength. With dry needling, patients have experienced quicker pain relief and improved range of motion. This is one of the best benefits of dry needling therapy as it speeds up the healing process compared to other treatment options.

What Is the First Step?

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Clinical research shows that the sooner you get started with active rehabilitation, the less likely you will need unnecessary tests, medications, or surgery.

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At your evaluation appointment, you will meet with a physical therapist who will perform a thorough evaluation that includes:

  • A review of your health history and your specific symptoms.
  • A thorough examination that includes assessing the quality and quantity of your movements, and any factors that might put you at risk for delayed recovery or might indicate a serious health problem.
  • Assessment of how you use your body at work, at home, during sports, and at leisure.
  • Determination of the diagnosis and impairments that are causing your pain and establishment of a treatment plan of care.


What Our Clients Say

Kelly Lendall

From the moment you walk in you are greeted by the cozy relaxing atmosphere and friendly accommodating staff. They are attentive and kind making PT a great experience with their gentle methods and excellent knowledge. They stay up to date with technology and prove you with lots of information in a way that is easy to comprehend. Thank you Professional PT for all you do to help fix people quickly, affordably and safely. You are all so wonderful.

Dewey Bowers