Amber Robbins

About Amber Robbins

Amber Robbins, Physical Therapist Assistant has been working at Professional Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine since November, 2009. She graduated from Community College of Rhode Island with high honors. She was first introduced to physical therapy her freshman year of high school during her first cross country season, when she started getting knee pain. She continued with physical therapy off and on for the next few years treating her knees, feet, and left hip. All of her injuries were improved, but not completely resolved until she began physical therapy with a more aggressive physical therapist, who pushed her harder and eventually resolved all of her past injuries. This inspired her to peruse a career in physical therapy. She enjoys helping others get better and resume normal activity. When Amber is not working, she enjoys spending her free time baking/decorating cakes and cupcakes. A few of her favorite creations include minion cupcakes, billiard ball cupcakes, and a three tiered Mickey Mouse cake. She also enjoys photography and likes to spend time outdoors hiking and photographing her surroundings.


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